Tell Me More!!!

We were voted the Best Haunt in NW Arkansas for 2014 & 2015 By Halloween Express, and we have only made it better.  Should you soil yourself, we will celebrate.  It is why you came,  It is why we exist.

We will not touch you and you cannot hit us.   We will not cuss at you, however our guests tend to curse ALOT!!  We do not recommend our haunt for the young or faint of heart, do not say we did not warn you.  Do we ever run specials...rarely, but we have been known to run "surprise" specials on Facebook.  Like us and you will receive them when they happen.

Redesigned for 2016

For months we have been busy rebuilding, growing, and changing.  All to provide a better more frightening experience.  We are an old school haunt with a knack for knowing what will frighten you the most. 

We are not fancy or elaborate.  Our goal is to frighten you and we do that better than anyone.

We look forward to scaring you this 2016 season! 

We are open Rain or Shine!  With over 1000 sq ft of covered waiting area we are ready!